Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to Term 4

Hello and welcome back.
Last term we were very busy learning about Little Red Riding Hood, making the Three Bears Cottage and understanding how mischievous Goldilocks can be.
We also made Gingerbread Men, and were lucky enough to eat them before they had the chance to run away! Although we think one may be on the run!
We had fun sketching the Big Bad Wolf disguised in Granny's clothes and also made Wanted posters of the wolf. Let us know if you see this character lurking around!
Thank you all for visiting our blog. Keep visiting and leaving comments. We all enjoy checking out and reading your comments each day.


  1. your class blog is cool from caela

  2. To room19 cool blog and you reached 1000 yaaay party in room19. EM