Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last week after our Art Team cleaned out the art room, they found some spare wood and shreaded paper. We thought it would be nice to give the wood to our friends at Botany Downs kindy, and the shreaded paper to their guinea pigs, so we paid a visit to the kindy the very next day. We couldn't see the guinea pigs as one of them was due to have babies within the next few days. Bronwyn told us that if we draw a map of where our class is, when the baby guinea pigs arrive, they will return the visit. Yesterday we were so happy to see Bronwyn with three friends from kindy, as well as Mum guinea pig with her two new babies!! We got to hold Mum guinea pig while she was in her snuggle sack. We learnt what guinea pigs like to eat, and that they are born with fur and with their eyes open!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We were on a two and a half hour deadline to complete a forest scene of Little Red Riding Hoods house to Granny's. Of course we had to include Little Red and the Wolf. It was up to us as to what else we wanted to add to our models. We all got down to work and really enjoyed planning and constructing our models.

Little Red Riding Hood Models in the Making

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Making Little Red models

Monday, September 7, 2009

Little Red's Forest Walk to Granny's.

These are our completed models.

Maths Workshop

We all enjoyed the activities during the workshop earlier this term.